Changing Movies...Changing the future.

Movies are a slice of life, bringing one an awareness of eras, with the power to revolutionize the way we think and feel. What kind of movies need to be made today?  To consider that question on a daily basis is precisely what it means to “revolutionize.”  The balance of what people expect from movies, and what we want to give to people through movies, is precisely where the answer to that question lies. 
We’re actively looking to meet people who, brought together, have the power to create movies, television dramas, documentaries and short films of multiple genres, with multiple possibilities.
Actively embracing the universal power of film, we at Agung Inc. have the skill and experience, both domestically and internationally, towards the production and coordination of production projects.
We here at Agung Inc. look forward to cooperating with you.

Kiyoshi Inoue, president of Agung Inc.